Sunday, 3 November 2013

29-30 October 2013 – Seville

The second half of our coach tour was in Seville, where we were fortunate to have a central hotel which allowed us to walk to the main square along the river.
Next day we joined a walking tour of the city centre, starting at the Maria Louisa Park which claims to be the most beautiful in Europe
There is a collection of large mansions which were built for the Seville Expo 1929.   Each was built by a different country and are now used as public buildings
We started our tour at the Plaza de America and soon found the impressive Mudejar Pavilion
This is our second visit to Seville, and also the second time we have done this tour.   But there is so much to see that our second time was just as enjoyable as the first.
At the far end of the park we came to the Plaza de Espana, the centre piece of the park.   On our last visit it was being refurbished, it is now finished and is quite beautiful
There are a series of alcoves around the plaza, each dedicated to a province of Spain.   Our favourite was Jean, which features the battle of Baylen
As we walked along the plaza we heard some shouting and suddenly all of the unofficial postcard and souvenir sellers packed up and ran off, apparently the police had arrived
Next came a tour of the old Jewish quarter, where we saw this group of school children having a lesson from a nun, or rather a teacher dressed as a nun
When the tour finished it was time for lunch, and no shortage of places to eat around the cathedral square.
After lunch David and Rosemary wanted to explore the cathedral.  We had done it last time so we went to the Alcazar gardens.
Jan had an upset tummy and was quite happy to find a shaded spot in the gardens and pass the afternoon.

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