Friday, 1 November 2013

27-28 October 2013 – Cordoba

We joined David and Rosemary for a four day coach trip to Cordoba and Seville.   It was a long eleven hour drive to our first hotel in Cordoba
David (Nicol) was delighted to find that one of our stops was at Restraurante Nicols.   No relation, as far as he knows.   The large walking stick would go very well on a Monday walk.
We had four stops in all, necessary to allow the driver to have his required breaks.   Also a good opportunity for the passengers to have something cool and refreshing.
Jan also found the one souvenir of the holiday – a walking boot
The second day started with a guided walking tour of Cordoba.   The ladies of the group were very impressed with the handsome and debonair local guide

The tour started in the old town and included a visit to the Street of Flowers
This old part of the city included many fine examples of Moorish houses, with their large and ornate courtyards
We also followed part of the old wall of the city and admired the many reminders that this was a Moorish city from 711 until it was retaken by King Ferdinand in 1236.
The highlight of our tour was the visit to the Great Mosque of Cordoba, which is now the Cathedral of Cordoba.   
The interior is a mixture of Christian and Moorish columns and designs.   It is a huge space which is quite overpowering and quite difficult to take in
We then had a few hours to explore the city on our own, and to discover a little of the new modern city.
Our ramble took us along part of the old city wall and back to the old town
We had plenty of time for lunch before we had to return to the coach for our journey to Seville.

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