Thursday, 31 October 2013

28 Octrober 2013 – El Cau and Cordoba

It was a lovely warm, sunny day and we spent it following the tourist trail around Cordoba, drinking lots of cold beer and filling our faces with lovely “fast food”
The Monday Group tackled El Cau.   Not the most difficult walk, but not the easiest one either.   Opinions differ, but most agree that there are seven “ups and downs”.   And they did it in 30c.
Judging from Pat`s umbrella it must have been quite windy, which must have been some consolation on such a hot day
This looks like a banana stop, but without the bananas.  They obviously don’t know how to organise these things without us.
Jackie looks very pensive, or perhaps just hot and tired.  
I don’t usually do a walking blog when we do not take part, but this photo decided me to do so.   Ken looks more like an extra from “Last of the Summer Wine” than the super fit marathon runner which he actually is.

Not at all sure what happened here.   Tom is either jumping for joy, or about to fall in the bath with Ken.
Pat and Peter sit in deep thought.  Perhaps remembering the highlights of their recent four week caravan holiday
Monday 4 November
Apparently the road through Benimurell is closed for road works, so we have cancelled the planned Green Horse (without extension) walk.   Instead David has offered to lead his Rock Arches walk from Castells.   Meet in the car part in the centre of the village at 1000. 

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