Saturday, 26 October 2013

25 October 2013 – Senija Walk

We found it difficult to find the meeting place for our third U3A walk.   We have done a similar walk before, but always started in either Lliber or Senija.   We left early and passed the parking place before anyone else had arrived.   Fortunately there were lots of cars there when we turned around in Senija and drove back again.
The walk started half way between Lliber and Senija, but soon joined the path we usually use
David joined us for the walk again, but not Rosemary who was not feeling very well.   There were 18 walkers in all, including some we had not met before.
Before we joined the group we thought that the walks might be a little “tame”.   So we were pleasantly surprised to find that the pace was similar to our usual Monday group.   Today’s walk was three and a half hours, without a picnic stop.   An hour longer, with half an hour lunch stop, would have been our normal length of walk.  This pace and length really suits us.
And, of course, the regular banana stop.   It was quite a hot day, and we had done a little climbing, so everyone was ready for a short break in a shaded spot.

With the extra height we had great views for our short break.   The weather was a little hazy, so the photographs do not really do justice to the views.
Most of the group, including David, went to Teulada for a menu del dia lunch.   We gave it a miss because we had to do some shopping for the weekend.

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