Wednesday, 23 October 2013

21 October 2013 – Marnes Fossil Walk

David looking very pleased that he remembered to get us all to sign the book at the start of the walk.  Everyone else looks pretty disinterested in this important administrative task!
A good turn out of ten for this old favourite, including Jackie and Mike.   It’s called the Fossil Walk because we found a couple of impressive fossils when we did the first recce for the walk.

It’s quite a steep climb for about an hour right at the start of the walk.   Very much one of those “go at your own pace” sections.   Wendy kept our minds off the climb when she announced that she was going to “Rich Bitch”, a bar in Benidorm, with a U3A group.  
The reward for the long initial climb is this lovely view
We needed the shade of this old finca for our eagerly awaited banana stop

Thanks to David for this photo of Jan and me
From here it is pretty easy going, on a relatively good track and either flat or downhill
It‘s always quite sad to see these lovely old finca abandoned and falling down
Then it’s downhill on our way back to the cars.   Bringing up the rear I slid on the loose rocks and sat down quite abruptly.   No damage done – other than to my dignity!
More excellent views as we make our way back to the cars
The best part of this walk is the lovely bar in Pinos.   A particular treat today was when Gerald and Maureen joined us for a well deserved cold drink.

Monday 28 October
Sue will lead El Cau from the Pinos road.   Park on the right about 500 yards after the toll road bridge.

Monday 4 November
Jan and I will lead the Green Horse (Caballo Verde) walk.   Meet in Benimaurrel.   By popular demand this will be the “traditional” Green Horse – without extensions.

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