Sunday, 20 October 2013

18 October 2013 – Isbert Dam

Our second walk with Jalon U3A was an old favourite, but using a different and slightly longer route.    We met at Tormos for the walk to Isbert Dam.

A slightly bigger group than last week, with 17 on the walk itself and 19 for the meal to follow after the walk.
We started on the usual route, but turned off much sooner than we normally do.   Unfortunately we were so busy talking that I didn’t really follow the details of the different walk.

David and Rosemary are also members of Jalon U3A, and they joined us for their first walk with the group.   David seems to be comparing notes with the John, the walk leader.

The group always go for a meal at the end of the walk, so there is no picnic stop.   But there was a banana stop – some things don’t change.

We crossed the river near the dam, but did not go to the dam itself.  Jan was particularly careful after her fall on Wednesday.
Someone must have seen something in the river, but I couldn’t see it myself
We had lunch at the Parcent Cooperativea, which is a favourite with the group.   There is a change of management next week and this would be their last visit with the old management.   It is also one of our favourites, and we hope it does not change too much.

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