Thursday, 17 October 2013

16 October 2013 – Coco Ramble

It’s many years since we last walked with the CBMW, but we were tempted because this is a 10 km circular walk around Calpe which we had never done before
The walk starts in the centre of Calpe, but it does not take long to leave the built up area behind and walking in unspoilt countryside.
We were quite surprised that there were only 31 walkers on this “easy” walk.   The leader said it was the largest group he had led, so perhaps there are fewer walkers than a few years ago.
We were really pleased to see that Mick and Pat were in the group.   We have not seen them for quite a few months, and Pat has not been well.   She managed the walk very well, including the occasional climb.
The views were not as impressive as some of our normal walks, but this view of Bernia was pretty impressive
It was unseasonably hot today, 36c in the shade when we got home.   So the pace was slower than usual and frequent halts in any suitable shaded areas we passed.

About half way through the walk Jan stumbled and fell on her left wrist, the same one she broke earlier in the year.   It was very painful, and we thought that she might have done some serious damage.   When we told the leader he suggested that we leave the group and make our own way back to Calpe, even though Jan wanted to return with the group.   Thanks to Mick and Pat who insisted on leaving the group with us.   Mick had a local map, which proved very useful as we had no idea how to get back to Calpe.   We managed quite well and returned before the main group.

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