Tuesday, 15 October 2013

14 October 2013 – Benimeli Aerials

After last week’s rain I was worried that we might have an overcast morning and have to decide whether to walk or not.  I need not have worried; it was a lovely morning, ideal for walking.   Nice to see Sue again, she was lucky she did not come last week.
This is about the point at which we decided to abandon the walk last week.  Today we stopped when someone spotted a herd of goats on the mountain ahead

As we arrived at our first water/banana stop we saw a large herd of goats making their way down the mountain towards us.   In fact we heard them first, with the very musical bells around their necks.
One young goat seemed almost as interested in Jan as she was in him
Then the short, but sharp, climb to the top.   This is the only real climb involved in this walk, and once the top is reached it is downhill all the way back
When we reached the car park and view point most of the group settled for the shade of a large rock.
A few of us, including Wendy, climbed the extra steps to the view point so that Wendy could have her very own banana stop.
It was then a nice easy, and level, walk out to our usual picnic spot
Unfortunately we arrived too early for lunch.   We usually stop at 1pm, but had reached the site just before 12 noon.   Not sure why, perhaps we are walking quicker than we used to.
However it was a good opportunity for David to “call the roll”.  He had forgotten to get everyone to sign the book at the start.   Don’t worry David; your secret is safe with me.
Another hour downhill to an alternative picnic site.  As we arrived heard the goats moving towards us.  They had gone around the other side of the mountain.   Apparently we were sitting in their path, because they all dispersed into the surrounding trees.

The goad herder did not seem too concerned; he went off into the nearby bushes to have his own lunch.   The background of the bells, and occasional sight of a goat, made lunch all the more pleasant.
Unfortunately our usual bar in the square is now closed on Monday.   We found an alternative bar with equally good cafe con leche, but not quite the same as sitting in the sun in the square

Monday 21 October 2013
David will lead his Marnes fossil walk next week.  
Meet at the bridge just past Pinos at 10am

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