Tuesday, 5 November 2013

1 November 2013 – Lliber Circular

This is the same walk we used to do with the Monday Group some years ago.   Jan was still feeling a little under the weather after her long coach trip and we both welcomed a little fresh air.
Despite her “sensitive tummy” Jan was able to manage her picnic lunch without too much trouble.
I remember that finding a suitable site for the lunch stop was always a little difficult on this walk; however John managed a good one today
There is not much climbing in this walk, and what there is all takes part in the first half.  Then it’s a gentle downhill walk back
With the good road surface we no longer have to watch where we put our feet and can enjoy the scenery
A water stop at the picnic site where we used to have lunch when we did this walk some years ago.  The problem is that it is quite close to the end of the walk, and thus too late for our picnic.
The group always have lunch after the walk, and this week had planned to do so in Lliber.   But because of the size changed it to Jalon.   We missed the lunch as Jan was not really up to a menu del dia.
Timing is quite important when a lunch is booked at the end of the walk, and John was concerned that we had finished a little early.   It was a three hour walk, and all at a good pace.
So we had time for a drink stop in Lliber square, where the original lunch had been planned.  It was a public holiday and the bar was much busier than normal.  But it was very pleasant to sit and recover in the warm sunshine.

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