Saturday, 2 March 2013

25 Feb 2013 – A Different Green Horse

Despite a bitterly cold morning eleven of us met at Benimaurell for this new walk to be led by Peter.   The group included Peter and Anne, who have not walked with us for quite a few months.
Although very cold the walk started in bright sunshine, and Barry could be depended upon to wear shorts no matter how cold it might be.
This was an anti clockwise walk to include the Green Horse ridge and the two (or perhaps three) fonts.   So we left the village along the path we usually returned on.  It was surprising how different the walk appeared going in the opposite direction.
It was not long before Ken found an interesting distraction.  This time an unusual location for a cairn, which everyone else had passed unnoticed.
After an hour or so we reached the first font, but not apparently an “official “  one, and we had our banana stop.   The sun had gone absent, and it was too cold to stop for long.
Next came our second font, but the first “official” one.   Pat and Peter pose to mark the occasion.   Unlike most of the fonts we visit, this one had been repaired and looked quite smart.   But hardly a thing of great beauty.
Here is the font in its full glory, together with our happy but cold group.   It will be noted that no one had removed any clothing, and as it was to get colder still we were all glad we had come prepared for the cold.
We now had a long climb up the far side of the Green Horse.   You can just see the snow on the hills behind.   This is not unusual at this time of year, but this year we had been spoiled by a particularly mild winter.
As we neared the top of the Green Horse the snow started to fall.  I thought that it was blossoms at first, but it soon became obvious that it was snow.   Only a light dusting, but enough to prompt this photo of everyone holding out their hands to catch some.
The walk along the ridge, which is normally so enjoyable, became something of a slog as it was too cold to stop and admire the view.
We were all very glad to reach the signpost which normally marks the end of the climb up to the ridge.  This time is marked the start of our descent.
Parts of this path always seemed quite difficult when climbing up from the village, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was easier than expected going down.   Certainly nowhere near as bad as Segaria a few weeks ago.
And finally back to the village and a very welcome warm drink.   We met Dave and Sue in the bar with their eleven paying customers making up this week’s walking holiday group.   Unexpected, but welcome, custom for the quiet village bar.

Monday 4 March 2013
Next week will be Montgo.   Pat will lead a walk up the “hidden valley” but not to the cross.  Instead the plan is to do a detour to the Iberian settlement and an extension back to the cars.   Meet at Los Lagos at 10am

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