Tuesday, 26 February 2013

21 Feb 2013 – Benidorm

David and Rosemary suggested catching the train from Teulada to Benidorm.    Its six years since we were last in Benidorm, and our last train ride was the same. In fact we had caught the tourist train from Benidorm to Alicante.
Benidorm has not changed much, and I could easily remember how to get to the sea front from the train station.
The weather was a little overcast, but still quite warm.  The town was much busier than we had expected, certainly much more so than Calpe at this time of year.
We walked around the old town and found the lovely church open.  Usually they are closed, as in UK, unless there is a service on, so it was interesting to look around.   We were then ready for a coffee con leche, and found a suitable nearby cafe.
It was a cloudy day, and when the sun was hidden it was cold enough for coats.
Last year we had planned to catch the boat from Calpe to Benidorm, but never got around to it.   It appears to be running in the winter as well, so perhaps next time we will travel by boat.
We had planned to eat on the sea front, but there was not much choice of menu del dia.  Most seemed to offer snacks, perhaps because all the hotels do full board now.  It was also interesting to note that the meals tended to be more expensive than in Calpe.
We did eventually find a very good menu del dia near the old town, and the sun made a well timed appearance.   Excellent day out and one we must repeat again soon.

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