Friday, 22 February 2013

18 Feb 2013 – Tormos to Font Centella

Only nine of us for today’s walk, but it was nice to see Wendy again, she has been away on a three week holiday to South Africa (lucky girl!)

The walk started with about an hour of quite hard uphill work, during which David, Ken and I got separated from the main group (apparently talking too much !)
When we arrived at the font most of us used the banana break to recover, whilst a few went on to visit the font itself
This is Font Centella; you can see why most of us didn’t bother!
Then it was downhill back to the valley
A ruined finca provided a good excuse for another stop
And an opportunity to tell a few jokes
We rejoined the track near Tormos where a large herd of bulls are kept
Some of us were quite concerned to find two of them on the path ahead of us
They moved into the orange trees at the side of the path where they watched us pass
And then followed us along the path for what seemed a very long ten minutes or so
A brave, and apparently unconcerned, David took the back marker slot 

25 February 2013 
Peter is to lead a new walk from Benimaurell.   It will include the Green Horse and Tres Fonts, but not in the usual order.   Meet in the new(ish) car park at 10am

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