Wednesday, 6 March 2013

4 Mar 2013 – Senija

We woke to dense low cloud and a forecast of possible light rain.   Despite this we all met at Los Lagos as arranged for our planned walk.   However this is what Montgo looked like, so Pat decided to do a new walk around Senija instead.
There were ten of us, which is not bad considering the weather.   David and Rosemary have returned to UK for a few weeks, as also have Mike and Jackie.  So ten was a very good turnout.
The walk started with a long steep road climb up from the village.   Fortunately on a winding road, so it was not too steep
Certainly not steep enough to stop the usual cultural exchange.  Sue, Pat and Sylvia did their fair share at the rear of the group.   
We soon gained a good height, but the weather was getting worse and the cloud rolling down into the valley.
As soon as we reached the top of the road we, of course, started going down again!
The path took us to this large and impressive cave, making the descent well worthwhile.   
It would have been an excellent spot for lunch, but it was much too early.   However we did have our banana stop here.
What goes down must go up.   Or at least it always seems to do so on our walks.   And the path was more difficult and involved a little scrambling.
Eventually we arrived at the impressive new cross.   We could see bits of the old wooden one lying around nearby.   On a better day this would have been an excellent lunch spot, but was too cold and windy today.
It was not much further to this finca which was to be our lunch stop.   Refurbishment is well in hand and it would have provided good cover had we needed it.

This walk is shorter than our usual, and we could have finished it by lunchtime.   So we stopped for an early lunch rather than eat our sandwiches back at the cars.

Trust Peter to find two chairs in the finca.   Pat did complain that he kept the better one for himself.   I couldn’t really comment as, like everyone else, I had to settle for the hard ground.
It was a short downhill walk back to Senija, and just as we approached the village it started to rain.   The forecast was for light rain, but it was pretty heavy rain before I got back to Parcent.   It did prove that Pat had made the right decision to abandon Montgo.   Had we not done so we would have had a couple of hours walk in the heavy rain.

Monday 11 March 2013
Weather permitting we hope to do the Montgo walk next week.   Meet at Los Lagos at 10am.

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