Tuesday, 3 December 2013

29 November 2013 – Jalon to Lliber

Its two weeks since we last walked with the Jalon U3A.   We feared this weeks walk might be cancelled due to the recent rain, but it was bright and sunny this morning.
There were less than normal for this walk, as a many of those who have homes here and in UK had returned to get ready for Christmas.  On the other hand there were a few new faces that we had not seen before.
It was great to be out on the winter sun after two days stuck at home due to heavy rain and miserable cloudy skies.    Little sign of the recent rain, though some of the paths were a little soft.
The walk starts from the Jalon car park and we were quickly out in the open countryside.   
The walk passes a cairn where the ashes of a local walker were laid, and John always lays another rock.   Nice gesture and a nice place to be laid to rest.
We had a short break in Lliber for a drink and the enjoy the sun.  It was difficult getting everyone going again for the short walk back to Jalon.

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