Thursday, 5 December 2013

2 December 2013 – Olta Summit

After two days of heavy rain it seemed likely that today’s walk would be cancelled.   But the weather forecast for Monday was clear and sunny, so Pat decided to go ahead with the walk
Only seven of us for this walk.   Some had returned to UK to prepare for Christmas.   Some were suffering from winter colds and flu.  At least one did not want to face the expected muddy tracks.   The rest of us just hoped that the forecast would prove correct, it would not be too cold and it would not be too muddy.
The paths proved to be much less muddy than expected.   The paths on Olta seem to be particularly prone to thick mud, which builds up on your walking boots until you feel like you are walking on stilts.     We had all experienced it a few years ago.   Today it was slippery, whch is bad enough, but not too bad.
It was very cold when we set off.  But the walk includes two steep climbs, and we were soon warm enough to strip off a layer or two.   With memories of her fall earlier this year, Jan spent more time looking at her feet than at the scenery.
As we neared the top the wind dropped and the sun turned up the heat.  We all commented on how lucky we were to be able to walk in such lovely weather in the first week of December.
Then we came upon this herd of goats.  They all had bells and markings, so obviously not wild.  But there was no sign of a goat herder
They did not seem at all worried by our appearance,  they just carried on and ignored us.
The top provides one of the best all around views of the coast and mountains, it would be hard to find a better spot for lunch
The muddy tracks made going down a little more difficult than coming up, and we did not dare to look around at the view. 

Monday 9 December
Pedreguer three, or perhaps five, fonts.    Meet at the usual place near the Ermitia at 10am.

Monday 16 December
Meet in the car park in the centre of Lliber at 10am for our traditional "Fat Man's Agony" Christmas walk.   With luck we may see the large blow up Santa again this year!   This will be our last walk of 2013.

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