Saturday, 10 August 2013

21 July 2013 – Family Visit

The arrival of Stuart and family for their annual two week holiday brought our lazy summer routine to an abrupt halt
As soon as Jack and Georgia saw the pool they could not wait to get in.

Every afternoon they had priority on the water, and the rougher the games the better

Away from the pool it was nice a cool in the house
Georgia soon discovered my office, and in particular my chair which made an excellent roundabout.

Our first walk into Parcent proved long than expected when Jack and Georgia discovered how much fun it was to squash the rotten oranges which litter the path.
We celebrated Georgia’s third birthday during her visit, it was a bit like Christmas in the sun.

Obviously Georgia had the lions share of the presents.....

---but Jack also had a remote control car, which required some assistance from nanny 

Playing with their new toys kept them busy for the rest of the morning

Lucky dad got a special thank you from Jack

Then it was time for the birthday cake.   Guess what Georgia’s favourite colour is.

Blowing out the candles was so much fun that we did it again, and again and again....

...even Jack had a go

Nanny’s home made cake went down very well, even granddad has a second portion

On their last morning we all walked down to the Parcent Font , and remote control car came along too.

There’s something about running water and young children.  This has always been one of their favourite places in Parcent

And it has the added advantage that it is very cool even in the middle of summer

It was a 20 minute walk back home for very small legs...

.....and a big brother comes in very handy

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