Thursday, 30 May 2013

27 May 2013 – Gata and Soldates

Only six of us for the last walk of the season.   This was expected and had nothing to do with the overcast weather.    Most of the group are back in UK or have already started their summer holidays.
Gata is not the prettiest of towns, but this photo shows it at its best.
It is not long before we have left the town behind and are out in the “campo”
It takes about an hour to reach the start of Soldates, a good time for a short break
Or even perhaps share a joke
I suppose we will have to call this walk Cumbre Serrellars in future.   Perhaps not all of us, it has taken me the best part of six years to remember to call it Soldates.
The climb is as steep as ever and we were quite grateful for the overcast skies.  It’s no fun doing this walk on a hot sunny day.
Not sure whether it was the weather, or perhaps we are fitter than we were, but everyone managed the climb in a much faster time than usual.
It was too cold to hang about for long at the top, and we were soon off downhill towards lunch.
On the way we passed this beautiful specimen of a bee orchid.   He looks very happy with himself.
We arrived at our usual picnic spot at 12.30, much too early for lunch.   So Pat agreed that we should carry on for another half an hour.
Lucky we did, as the skies cleared a little during that half an hour.  It was still cool when we settled down to eat overlooking Gata, but warmer than it had been earlier.
The sun had finally appeared when we reached the bar, and we were grateful for the shade of an umbrella.   
It’s always sad to reach the end of a walking season, and we will miss the walks and the friends during the long hot summer.   But it will soon be September and time to start walking again.

23 September 2013
This is an evening walk, an opportunity for everyone to ease into walking again after the long summer break.  Meet at 5pm at Cala Blanca on the Javea road just past the sandy beach.   Walk to Portichol beach for a swim or just a banana break, then back to Cala Blanca for picnic.  Bring chairs, food and wine/beer for picnic.   Table and lighting will be provided.

30 September 2013 
Meet at Mas e Mas car park in Javea for the first “proper” walk of the autumn season.   Walk to Portichol beach via Cap Prim and Sardine Bay.   Opportunity to swim depending on weather.    Back to bar in Javea for the first of the season “after walk drinks”.

Have a great summer, and looking forward to seeing you all in September.

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