Friday, 15 February 2013

11 Feb 2013 – Col de Rates

Bright and sunny start to today’s walk, but a very cold wind kept us well wrapped up
The first hour was spent climbing which kept us warm, and when we needed a stop we had this huge flock of birds to watch.
We were surprised to find that part of the path was closed by a wire fence and no entry signs.   It was just before we reached the finca, which last year was broken into and some damage done.   Doubt if the fence would stop anyone for very long, certainly we found it easy to walk around.
At the end of the climb we had a banana stop at the finca, but the bitter cold wind ensured that we did not stop for too long
Ken found some old, abandoned and rusting object which he found extremely interesting.   Surely if anyone was ever born to run a scrap yard it must be Ken.
After a short stop we set off for the Col itself, but despite the long climb no one was tempted to remove a layer of clothing
Lunch was a problem due to the cold.   We managed to find spot sheltered from the winds, but by now the sun had gone behind the clouds and it was too uncomfortable to stop for long
From here it is downhill all the way to Parcent, but it would still take us an hour to reach the Cooperativea.
Jan joined us for a well deserved hot drink.   It was the first time she had joined the group since she broke her wrist four weeks ago, and they all made a great fuss of her.

18 February 2013  
Next week Peter will lead the walk from Tormos to Font Centella.   Meet at the car park opposite the swimming pool in Tormos at 10am

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