Thursday, 7 February 2013

4 Feb 2013 – Tarbena

There was a good turnout of 14 for Peter’s Tarbena walk.   This is the second time we have done this walk, and we have been looking forward to doing it again.  Unfortunately Jan has to miss the walk once again due to her broken wrist.
Dave and Sue joined us for the walk, as they have a short break from their normal job of leading walking holidays.   Dave make a great video of the walk which you can find here
Its almond blossom time again.   It only last for a couple of weeks, but it transforms the whole area whilst in bloom 
Most of the walk is on very good paths, which allow the unusual luxury of being able to  look around to admire the views.
Mind there were exceptions, where the going became quite rough and required our full attention to avoid taking a fall.
The weather today was ideal for walking.   Clear blue skies, but a cool breeze.   Similar to a very good Spring day in UK.
There is ample seating at this long font, which is also just the right distance on the walk.   We arrived just before our normal lunch time of 1pm.
Then my favourite part of the walk, a long section with views of the surrounding hills and down to the coast.
This ends at a mirador (view point), where Jackie found a quiet spot to admire the views.
This was followed by a downhill walk back to Tarbena
And finally a well deserved drink at one of the many bars in the village
11 February 2013
Next week is Col de Rates, another old favourite.  Meet at the “chicken shacks” in Parcent at 10am.

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