Tuesday, 16 April 2013

13 April 2013 - Benimeli

This was the first "proper walk" that Jan has done in the three months since she fell and fractured her wrist.   It was nice to have David and Rosemary for company and to help overcome her natural anxiety to be on the rough tracks again
We choose our old favourite "Benimeli Aerials".   This is a walk which the Monday Club has not done for a few years.   I think some consider it too easy and too short.  But as you can see from this photo it is neither.  If you click on the photo you will see a larger version and you can see the aerials concerned.
We were fortunate to have excellent weather for the walk.   Sunny and clear, but with a cool breeze.   The first part of the climb is on the shaded side of the hill which made it quite pleasant.
It is a steep climb right from the village, as it is with most of the walks we do here, and we had soon gained sufficient height to have good views of the valley, and Benimeli, below.   The second part of the climb is on more difficult terrain, which Jan managed without any problem.
The area where we have lunch is very exposed, and the wind was quite strong.  But we found a very comfortable niche in the rocks to eat our picnic.
We soon became aware of masculine voices nearby, and thought that it must be another group of walkers.   Then Jan spotted a group of mountain climbers on the nearby rock face
David has his binoculars with him, and  we took turns watching them climb.   A very good excuse to extend our lunch break well beyond the usual half an hour.
David and Rosemary give a little mutual support coming down the steep concrete path to the car park from the communication shack.   Its surprising, but true, that it is easier to fall on this type of surface strewn with loose stones and pebbles, than on the more impressive tracks we climb on.
it was about 3pm when we arrived back in the village square for a well deserved cold drink.  The walk had taken five hours and had achieved the aim of getting Jan back walking in the hills.   This walk is shorter than most we do with the group, and that allows us to take it slower, take more breaks and enjoy the views.  It also means we can have more time at the bar.   We all had a very pleasant and enjoyable day.   Not sure why we don't do it more often!

Monday 22 April 2013
David will lead a walk from Pedreguer to Castel del Axia.  Meet at the usual place at 10am

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