Wednesday, 20 March 2013

18 Mar 2013 – Castell de Castells

Only five of us for this week’s walk.   Seems to be a lot of illness around, or perhaps it was the prospect of doing our annual Carrascal ridge walk.   Because there were so few of us Pat decided to put off Carrascal for another time, and we did the alternative Castells walk instead.
We were fortunate to have a bright and sunny morning.   It is always a few degrees colder at Castells, but it was just right for hill walking today.
It was a 40 minute climb to the first view point.   We had our banana stop overshadowed by Serrella castle, the half way point of today’s walk.   We did not visit the castle itself, but there is still a very steep climb to the foot of the castle hill.
When we reached the castle we were pretty hacked off to find a car parked there.   No sign of the occupants, and Pat suggested that they might he climbers.   We did pass a small group of walkers shortly afterwards, so perhaps it was just lazy walkers.   Having struggled up the hill it gives you a great sense of superiority over someone who has driven up!
After a short break it is off again on the winding scenic road which descends and then climbs again to our lunch spot.
On the way we had views down to the valley below and the village of Castells.  A reminder of how high we had climbed to appreciate the lovely views.
There is another steep climb to reach our picnic site, and after the earlier climb there is not a lot of energy left.   
However it is well worth it to have this sort of view for lunch.   It must be one of the best views of the Guadalest valley, and for me is the highlight of this walk.
The rest of the walk is an easy downhill ramble back to Castells.

Monday 25 March 2013  

Next week is a new walk for the group, from Benichembla to Cocoll.   Meet in the bar car park at 10am.

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