Wednesday, 16 January 2013

14 Jan 2013 – Lleus to Pinos

Jan had been poorly with a bad cold all week and was uncertain whether to join today’s walk.   She decided to do so, and was in good company as most of the group were also suffering from cold symptoms.
After weeks of high temperatures it was quite cold today, but great for walking with the clear blue skies.
Pat selected a nice sun trap for our banana stop, and then had quite a job getting everyone walking again as it was so pleasant sitting in the sun
We were quite surprised that the almond blossoms were in bloom so early, obviously due to the unusually warm temperatures since New Year
This is quite an easy walk, and just as well as some of us were struggling with the few steep parts
We soon reached Pinos square and our lunch break.   We were joined by a local cat who was not at all shy once we got our sandwiches out.
Tom, Mike and Jackie seem fascinated by our four legged friend, and he seems fascinated by their sandwiches.
So far a very enjoyable walk, but it was about to go badly wrong.   Jan fell on the return journey and landed badly on her wrist.   She managed to finish the walk, but it was very painful.   We went to Denia hospital where an x-ray confirmed that she had broken two bones in her wrist.   It’s likely to take 4 to 6 weeks to mend, so no more Monday walks for Jan for a while.

21 January 2013
Next week will be a new Pedreguer walk, which Pat described as “four, or maybe five, fonts”.   Meet at the Ermita at 10am.

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